• Sera Monastery

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  • Sera Monastery

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Sera Monastery is the three of the biggest temple in Lhasa and its full name is Sera Dacheng Temple. Sera Monastery is located in under the Lhasa Beijiao Mountain. The name of Sera Monastery has two origins. The one is that when the temple was established, it hailed, so it got this name. The other one is because it was established in the place where the flowers blossom. In Sera Monastery are the abundant valuable cultural relics and aircrafts, such as, Buddhist sutras, figure of Buddha, musical instruments, mafors, silk and gold which have been presented by emperor when Gautama returned Tibet from Beijing. Hayagriva statue, Ganzhuer and Shaifo stand would also attract you. You can enjoy the Shaifo ceremony during the Sho Dun Festival every year. Debate is a discussion of the Buddhism and also Lama’s way of study. Monks in Sera Monastery debate every day. It is challenging and unique. You would be influenced by the fierce atmosphere of the debate.  

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