Elephant Trunk Hill

  • Elephant Trunk Hill

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  • Elephant Trunk Hill

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As this Hill looks like a huge elephant stretching its trunk and drinking water it got the name Elephant Trunk Hill. It is considered as the symbol of Guilin and has been one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guilin since Tang Dynasty nearly 1000 years ago. Between the trunk and the legs is the Shui Yue Cave (Water Moon Cave), which is a semi-round cave penetrated by water. Moreover in and around the cave there are many carvings and inscriptions. On a moonlight night, the glittering lunar light reflecting on the river forms a fantastic scene, which has been highly honored by many poets and painters throughout history. There still are many poems and prose poems left based on the fantastic scenery of the Elephant Trunk Hill.

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Best time to the Elephant Trunk Hill The best time to visit the Elephant Trunk Hill is from August to October. In summer, the temperatures in Guilin and many other cities of China are extremely hot. However, at the foot of the Elephant Trunk Hill, near the river bank, you can appreciate the scenery and enjoy the pleasant breeze. Elephant Trunk Hill Best Routes Elephant Trunk Square——Huijiang Pavilion——Puxian Tower——Elephant Eyes Tower——Shuiyue Hole——Three stars Island——Yunfeng Temple——Buddhist relics Tower and more. Elephant Trunk Hill Tickets Opening time: in slake season, 7:00am—9:30pm; in boom season,6:30am——10:00pm. Ticket Price: 48RMB/person. (Ticket is free after 7:00pm, but it is recommended to plan the trip adequately, as the sun sets before 10pm and it can be dangerous.) Others: In the daytime, if you take a private boom raft, you can come in without a ticket. But you have to pay 10—15 RMB for the boom raft. How to get to Elephant Trunk Hill 1. By bus: take free bus line57,58, special line4A or line2——get off at “Wenchang Bridge”station. Go across the bridge, you will find the hill. 2. Around the hill: you can enjoy the scenery on boat, bike or walking

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