Wuzhen Water Town, with a 6000-year history, is a typical ancient town in southern part of China. The town is famous for its rich resources and delicate silk. The inner water system divided the town into four parts. And there are 6 main districts for visitors: the traditional workshops district, the traditional local-styled dwelling houses district, the traditional culture district, the traditional food and beverage district, the traditional shops and stores district, and the water township customs and life district. Must Sees: 1. Bridge in Bridge, you may be amazed at the extraordinary scene of Bridge in Bridge created by two ancient bridges. 2. Traditional local-styled dwelling houses. Famous local food: mutton, liquor, tea(green tea and flower tea), steamed pork slices with glutinous rice flour wrapped in lotus and so on.     Also, folk performances should not be missed.

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When you feel stressed; when you feel unhappy; Wuzhen is the best choice to relax your mind. The plain, simple sceneries of Water Towns in southern China will make you forget your worries and immerse yourself into the slow-paced life, enjoy the classic beauty of China. Over here you can relax, unwind and have an enjoyable time.

As you walk into the town you can see the ancient homes. As a historical old town, Wuzhen shows an integral beauty of the harmony between humane environment and natural environment. Like many other Water Towns in southern China, streets and homes are all built next to stream or river. That is the so-called ‘sleep on river’.

What made Wuzhen different is that some of the houses were built above the river. These parts are supported by wooden pillars or stone pillars in the riverbed. People call this part of the town as ‘Water Pavilion’ which is the particular building in Wuzhen. ‘Water Pavilion’ really could be described as ‘sleep on river’. As three sides of ‘Water Pavilion’ have windows, it is the best spot to enjoy the sceneries of Wuzhen. Wuzhen is thus known as the ‘Venice of the East’.

Best Time to Visit Wuzhen As Wuzhen is situated in the center of the Hangjiahu Plain, it belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. It is warm and wet with a set of distinctive four seasons and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature in Wuzhen is 16°C. The temperature in January is 3°C; the temperature in July is below 30°C. The annual precipitation is about 1200 millimeters. Many typhoons hit the region in the summer and autumn. In my opinion, spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons. The most beautiful moments are at dawn and at dusk. At dawn, mist will suffuse above the river, resembling a fairyland. At dusk, a vivid Wuzhen appears under the sunset.

Tips: you’d better stay in room at noon in summer in Wuzhen, because it is very hot outside. Wuzhen Best Routes One-day tour in Dongzha The Fengyuan Double Bridges – Caishen Cove – One Hundred Beds Museum – Hongyuantai Dyehouse – Yuliuliang Chinese Ancient Coins Exhibition Hall – Former Residence of Maodun – the Ancient Stage in Wuzhen – Xiuzhen Temple – the Residence of Xiatongshan Academician – Fanglu Pavilion – Huiyuan Pawnshop – the site of Jiangzhe local government Two-day Tour in Xizha The first day: Caomu Bense Dyehouse – Zhaoming Academy – Three- inch Golden Lotuses Exhibition Hall (women’s bound feet in feudal age) – the Old Post Office – Guandi Temple – General Wu’s Temple – Lingshui House – Maodun Memorial Hall – Maodun Graveyard – Xuchang Sauce and Pickle Garden The second day: Stage on Water – Sanbai Wine Workshop – Northern Wetland – Yida Silk Workshop – Yingjia Bridge – Xiangshan Hall Wuzhen Tickets The ticket including Dongzha and Xizha costs 150 Yuan/person. Dongzha View Spot The ticket price of Dongzha View Spot is 100 Yuan/person.The ticketing time of Dongzha View Spot is from 8:30 to 14:30. The tour guide fee is 80 Yuan. One sightseeing boat costs 80 Yuan. And every boat can take 8 people (children and babies also count). Xizha View Spot The ticket price of Xizha is 120 Yuan/person, while the night ticket of Xizha only costs 80 Yuan/person. The tourt time is from 8:30 to 12:30. The tour guide fee is 200 Yuan. In daytime, one sightseeing boat costs 120 Yuan for a single trip. It can contain 6 people, while babies also count. At night, the boat costs 180 Yuan for a single trip. If you take the transport boat, every station costs 5 Yuan. The sightseeing bus costs 5 Yuan/person.

How to get to Wuzhen By air: you could get to the Shanghai or Hangzhou airports, and then take bus to Wuzhen. By train: as there is no railway station in Wuzhen, so you should get off at Jiangxin Station then take bus to Wuzhen. By bus: Wuzhen has opened three special tour bus routes, from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing to Wuzhen. Visitors could take that kind of bus at Travel Distribution Centers.

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Feb.01, 2010

We visited this place in January 2010. It is Marvellous. We had a good time.


Apr.08, 2008

A tranquil water village!