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Panjiayuan Antique Market

Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market is located at the southeast of third ring road, covers 48 thousand m2 in total. It is the biggest antique market in china, selling all kind of goods except for food, commodity sold are mainly paintings, calligraphy, four treasures of the study, porcelain and carpentry. There are more than 3 thousand stalls inside the market; Owners come from all 24 provinces of mainland China. Some people even call it a “museum”. Beijing Panjiayuan antique Market is good place for buying and enjoying antique, art ware, collection and other interesting ornament. It has already been a famous tourists attraction, each year tourists come here from both domestic china and foreign countries. Now, with the effort of all the staff in the market, it has become a “culture exchange” place. Except for buying and selling, some entertainment facility and convention center has been built to welcome more people.            

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Useful Things for Panjiayuan Antique Market

The Best Time To visit Panjiayuan Antiques Market: On weekends, all shops & stalls are open until about 6:00pm, and many stay open longer, but some begin to shut down around 5:00pm – 5:30pm, or even earlier in winter. So better schedule your trip there earlier in the afternoon.

How to Get to Panjiayuan Antiques Market:

Location: 100m west of the Panjiayuan Bridge at the East Third Ring Road Getting to Panjiyuan by subway: Panjianyuan market is easily accessible by Metro. Travel east of the city center on the line 10 to Panjiayuan station. Get out from Exit B, walking left out of the station along the bridge for about 100 meters. You will walk through a small outdoor market area where vendors sell mostly beads and bracelets, before you reach Panjiayuan market entrance. Get out from Exit B of Panjiayuan stop.The market is a fine walking destination from the metro stop.

Advices On Panjiayuan Antiques Market Routes:

The market is divided into six parts: In the western part of the market is an open-air area where large stone sculptures are sold out of trucks. Next to this makeshift large sculptures section is a two-storied building that houses both modern and traditional furniture. The vast middle section is a semi-covered area that forms the main part of the market. This section is open only at the weekends. At the southernmost part is a narrow lane where secondhand books and ancient scrolls are sold. Cheaper less authentic versions of the same items can be found in some of the other stalls. A range of other ancient arts and artifacts are on sale at stalls in the eastern part of the market in a big yard. Highest-class antiques and more exquisite and more expensive handicrafts were sold in the small indoor stores, which surround the market in north and east. And since the market opened, stalls in its semi-covered area of the middle part have been divided into four zones according to their items they have for sale.

Tickets and Hours of Panjiayuan Antiques Market:

Opening hours: 8:30 - 18:30 from Monday to Friday 4:30 - 18:30 Saturday and Sunday Tips: Tips for telling the real from the not-so-real: According to an established antique furniture dealer in Beijing, the easiest way to tell if a piece of furniture is really an antique is to lift it. An authentic old piece, generally made of hard wood, should be much heavier than a new one. If you knock on the panels, different sounds are produced. The wood of a fake piece is generally thinner and emits a clearer and harsher sound. Table surfaces and wardrobe doors, if truly antique, have a finer texture than most replicas, a sign of artistic talent.

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