Barkhor Street is a bustling bazaar surround Jokhang Temple. It is a place showing the traditional outlook of Lhasa. The street was paved by hand-polished stone boards. The centre of the street sees a huge censer. In addition to its important place in Buddhism, Barkhor Street is also a business centre with merchants from many different countries. The shops here sell a great variety of goods and products, such as prayer flags, prayer wheels, Tibetan paintings, temple bowls, clothing, accessories, incense and Tibetan carpets.   Walking on the street, you can see several pious elder men spinning their prayer wheels and chanting sutras, just like singing a song. All this phenomenon offers a mysterious atmosphere and also a peaceful mind to tourists.   Must Sees: 1. Street, you should walk in a clockwise direction along the street.                        2. Majiami Pub: The legend says that the 6th Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso met his girl here.

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Cool Yak Hotel

6 Xiasasu, Danjielin Road, Lhasa. (拉萨市丹杰林路夏萨苏6号(近大昭寺))