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The village is located in the west area of Mengtougou District. It is well known for its well preserved over 600 Ming and Qing dynasty-style houses housed by 70 families. These houses are contructed on the side of a hill, surrounded by mountains and forests. To see these old houses, you have to climb the steep stairs and lanes paved with rocks which are simple and unadorned. The village is listed as a village under national level cultural relics protection. It is an ideal place to take pictures. Almost each family at the village now keep their houses to take and welcome tourists.

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Useful Things for Chuandixia Village

How to get to Chuandixia Village:

About 150 meters west of Pingguoyuan Subway Station (地铁苹果园西), take Bus No.929 Zhi (929 支) to Cuandixiacun Lukou (爨底下村路口) at 7:30, or 12:40, then you could arrive at the Cuandixia Village (爨底下村).

Drive along the National Highway No.109 ( G109 ) from the west Beijing – at the distnce of about 90km turn right at Zhaitang Town with the placard pointing to Cuanbai Scenic Area.

Chuandixia Village Best Routes:

A stone carved with a huge Chinese character “爨” (Cuan) serves as a screen wall of the village standing by the entrance. This is the east-west street road in front of the village houses. North of the street road are located the ancient houses perched on the hillside. South of the street road is the south side where you can have a bird-eye’s view of the village. Then have a circuit hike around the village. Begin your circular walk from southeast at the stone stairs leading to Goddess Temple. The stone stairs leading to Goddess Temple is the best starting point for your cirlular hike.

Tikets and Hours of Chuandixia Village:

RMB 35, including Chuandixia Village, Baiyu Village and Huanglingxi Village


1. There were almost no tourists on a weekday in early November--a lot of the guesthouses/restaurants weren't even open. I asked around many places and it was about 60-100 RMB for a room (ones with those heatable brick beds [kang4] can sleep up to 5 people)

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