85 kilometers (52 miles) from downtown Beijing, you can discover Longqing Gorge, in northeast Yanqing County. The source of the river in this area is Haituo Mountain. The river passes through Yudu Mountain, flowing into Gucheng reservoir. So, it is called “Lesser Li River” in Beijing. The main scenic spots is the largest dam in Northern China-a concrete dam more than 70 meters high and 50 meters in width, just like a white Chinese Dragon. You can have a view of both mountains and clouds when you stay at the top of the dam facing to the north. On both sides, two mountains looking like a knife dip into the water as if it were clearest ink. Tourists can enjoy the views on the boats, appreciating varied scenery in different places. Those stones and mountains are in a variety of unique shapes. Some of them look like sword or sledge, others look like tiger or elephant.  

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