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The Bell Tower is situated in the center of Xi’an and middle of the vertical axis of the city. It was constructed by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the year of 1384. In the old days the tower was used to place a huge bell and tell the time. The bell tower is one of the grandest and best preserved towers in China.   The bottom of the tower is supported by square foundation made of bricks, which covers an area of 1377.4 square meters. The tower is a brick and timber structure with a height of 40 meters. The tower is a typical Ming-style architecture with dark green glazed tile and a wooden “golden top”. Vehicles used to be allowed to pass through the arches and under the tower. Now there are roundabout and pedestrian tunnel surrounding the tower.

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Useful Things for Bell Tower

Bell Tower is the most magnificent and complete construction of Ming dynasty at present. As the symbol construction of Xi’an, located on the junction of four streets stretching to four different directions, the splendid and magnificent building is called as “bright pearl of the ancient city”.

Best time to Visit Bell Tower

Belonging to warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, Xi’an is a city which has four distinct seasons. Climate in spring is changeable; summer is hot and rainy; autumn is wet and cool; while because of the shortages of rain and snow, winter is dry and cold. The average temperature is 13℃. So the best time to visit Bell Tower is from April to May; from September to October. In the crossover points of spring, summer and autumn, sunshine is bright and beautiful; weather is warm and pleasant. The two periods are perfect for the visitors to have a taste of Xi’an.

Bell Tower Tickets

The performance of Bell Tower will be put on six times every day. Start time of the performances: 9:00am; 10:30am; 11:30am; 15:00pm; 16:00pm; 17:00pm. Ticket price: 20RMB/person. Student ticket: 30RMB/coupon ticket. There is not preferential single ticket. Warm


1. Pay attention to your valuables, such as purse, mobile phone and camera.

2. Take legal taxi when you visit Xi’an. Taxi in Xi’an has the cheapest price in China.

3. The Wild Goose North Square is a distributing centre of Xi’an.

Connect local travel agency and pay 30RMB for the bus and tour guide. Then you can visit Xi’an in a routine line. On the way, you can visit the attractions which you prefer. How to get to Bell Tower By bus: take bus line603, line 43, line611 and line 205, get off at Bell Tower Station. Moreover, there are many bus lines going across Bell Tower: Line300 Line600 Line205 Line46 Express Line605 Express line 600 Express line 606 Express Line630 Express Line618 Line29 Travel Line7 Line 236

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