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Interesting Trips In Summer Nights

25 Jun 2014

The moon sheds her liquid light silently over the leaves and flowers, which, in the floating transparency of a bluish haze from the pond, looks as if they had just been bathed in milk, or like a dream wrapped in a gauzy hood. Although it is a full moon, shining through a film of clouds, the  light is not at its brightest; it is, however, just right for me - a profound   sleep is indispensable, yet a snatched doze also has a savour of its own. The moonlight is streaming down through the foliage, casting bushy shadows on the ground from high above, dark and mottled, like an army of ghosts; whereas the figures of the drooping willows, here and there, looks like paintings on the lotus leaves. The moonlight is not spread evenly over the pond, but rather in a harmonious rhythm of    light and shade, like a famous melody played on a violin.

    When talking about “Lotus in moonlight”, people must go to the Tsinghua Park written by Zhu Ziqing. The moonlight lotus locates in the west of the campus. In fact, it is a part of the Old Summer Palace. The so called lotus pond is a pond with a small inland in it. Zhu Ziqing lived in the west of the pond at that time, and the house was a tile-roofed one. The former secretary of Tsinghua University Fang Huijian said that Zhu must have entered the pond by a small bridge below and then reached at the cinder path.

    Lotus In The Breeze At Crooked Courtyard In Hangzhou’s West Lake

The lotus in the breeze at crooked courtyard locates in the northwest of the west lake, and it is famous for the lake and lotus. It is recorded that there was a aulic liquor making workshop. Every summer, the wine’s flavour and the lotus’ fragrance spread in the breeze, which made people comfortable. People called it “Hefeng at Qu courtyard”. The workshop closed down in Qing Dynasty(1616-1912), so the emperor Kangxi changed the word “ Qu” into “ Qu (crooked), and “Hefeng” into” Fenghe” during his trips to the west lake.

    At present, the lotus spot has been extended on a large scale, and it has become a big garden with an area of about 420 mu, which themed at lotus and liquor culture. The garden can be divided in 5 parts: Yue Lake, Bamboo Park, Crooked Courtyard and Lakeside Forest. The layout of kiosks, platforms and pavilions is graceful. The lotus pond occupies an area of 38 mu with rare kinds of lotus such as red and white lutos,  Zhongtai , Jiujin and Bingdi lotus. It is a good place for enjoying the lutos.

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