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Travel with the Step of Watermelons

29 May 2014
If you want to know where there are good watermelons, you can visit China's Watermelon Museum during your China trip.
    The famous watermelons from Panggezhuang, Daxing District, had been imperial palace's tributes in Ming Dynasty(1368-1664), Wanli Year. The Watermeleon Museum locates in the hometown of watermelon--Panggezhuang, Beijing. Its architectural appearance likes a huge watermelon adored by two leaves. In the hall some  introduction of watermelons' history, spread, variety and cultivation by the way of words, pictures and vedios are given. More than 200 kinds of watermelons from wild ones to modern space ones, ceraceous watermelon modles and amber seeds specimen are exhibited.
Special Watermelon Sauce in Shandong
    Before the Mother's day, A Bite Of China 2 issued a series of Ho me Cooking: Mother's bouilli, aunt's pickles, elder's loving soup. Grandmother's watermelon sauce is also among them.It is a new Shangdong cate appeared in A Bite Of China 2 after pancakes and makes it possible to preserve watermelons in hot summers.
Beautiful Scenery On the Way: Peony Garden in Caozhou (Hezhe)
    Spring Garden in Caozhou, also called the flowers' Village before, is a AA level National Scenic spot. It was built in Jiajing Year, Ming Dynasty( 1368-1644 )  It covers an area of 100 mu in Chinses, clutivates around 200 thousand penoies and 100 thousand Chinese herbaceous penoies , and owns 2300 mu in Chinese penoy seedlings area. It is one of the quality penoy fields of "China's penoy City"

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