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Great Wall at Mutianyu Will Exceed 100 Square Kilometers

08 May 2014



The essence of Ming Great Wall - the Mutianyu Great Wall will be completely protected. Yesterday, reporters learnt from city planning commission that <the overall planning of Mutianyu Great Wall scenic area (2012-2030)> has been approved by the municipal government and recently it will be put into effect.


Mutianyu Great Wall scenic area has a total area of about 103.89 square kilometers west to Huairou Dazhenyu village, east to Dayu reservoir and Qinglongshan, south to Changyuan, Madaoyu and north line of Weidian village residential areas, north to Beidadi village at Heituo Mountain. Since two years ago, the city planning commission and city urban planning design and research institute have teased resources of the whole area.


"The idea of overall development is to insist on the principle of the protection of the Great Wall. This principle has to be coordinated with ecological environment and ecological resources protection." City Planning Commission official said that in the overall planning, "use" will be subject to "protect" and a perimeter protection region has been designated, then every area will have different functions.


After the statistics of planners and conservation experts, the scenery resources of scenic spot include 56 natural and cultural sights, and there are 51 within the scope of the scenic area, while 5 within the scope of perimeter protection zone. There are 38 cultural sights and 18 natural sights among them. Cultural sights include 30 places of historic interest, 2 gardens, 5 buildings, 1 scenic spot; while natural sights include 10 landscapes and 7water landscapes.


Planners will plan seven scenic spots according to the characteristics and the regional distribution of scenic resource, including Qinglongxia scenic area, Hefangkou scenic area, Shentangyu scenic area, Mutianyu scenic area, Beijingjie scenic area, Cashikou scenic area and Moshikou scenic area. Among them, the Mutianyu, Moshikou, Beijingjie spots will become main tour areas, andQinglongxia, Hefangkou, Shentangyu scenic areas will make the Great Wall as landscape background and tour resources, while Cashikou scenic area is given priority to visit the ancient inscriptions of the Great Wall. Click here to get more Beijing Tours.


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