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Secret of Beijing Old Trademark Donglaishun Restaurant

04 Apr 2014


How did Kissinger acclaim Donglaishun Restaurant? Why is Huntun Hou so hot? Which dish did Mr Zhou Enlai ask Mr Chen Yi to eat at Hongbinlou Restaurant?


When we focus on the history of China old trademarks, we will find some interesting things on that.

Donglaishun Restaurant


The old trademark Donglaishun Hot Pot was founded in 1903 by Mr Ding Deshan of Hui People. In 1903, he set up a stall to sell mutton noodle, rice cake and porridge in Dong’an Market. As the business was going up, he made a signboard named Donglaishun Porridge. From 1914, people could eat hot pot in this little restaurant and it was also changed to Donglaishun Mutton Restaurant. Mr Ding found a famous cook from Zhengyanglou Restaurant with high wage, so that the mutton in Donglaishun Restaurant was thinner than other restaurants with consummate knife skill.


During the visit of former secretary of State Mr Henry Kissinger in the last century, Mr Deng Xiaoping also invited Mr Kissinger to eat hot pot at Donglaishun. And Mr Kissinger acclaimed that the sliced mutton was an exquisite handcraft as flower.


From then on, more and more foreign visitors went to Donglaishun Restaurant to taste hot pot. To some extent, Donglaishun Restaurant has been an essential restaurant for foreign affairs.


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