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Car for 11 people / 2 days

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May. 13,2013 12:37

Asked by Ms. Kyra ( Philippines )

Car for 11 people / 2 days
Good day, we plan on renting a bus/van fit for 11 people? We'll be sightseeing and going around Hong Kong for 2 days. Can we ask for the price? And will the driver be familiar with English?
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May. 13,2013 13:44

Answered by Ms.Artemis from ChinaTravelDepot (China)

Thank you for your inquiry. We could arrange car rental in Hong Kong for you. May I know your detail itinerary? Or do you need us to recommend? The final price is based on your itinerary. Please send all your requests to cars@chinatraveldepot.com.

Thanks, & Best Regards,

Artemis from ChinaTravelDepot Team
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